I’m tired and fatigued by the whole EPIK process. I’m ready to go and just do it. I’m worried about a vast number of things. I was going to write an actual post, but I felt the need to write something down, more for me than anything else.

I’m worried about money, i’m worried about my father, i’m worried about my teeth (which aren’t the greatest). Fear not reader, this is just a temporary state of meltdown, normal service will resume soon.


Where have I been?

It’s been a pretty full on couple of weeks of late. I’ve thankfully received my visa on Friday, and quite frankly I was ashamed about worrying so much about it. I let my mind just run wild with “what if’s” and in fact it was fine all along. So now I have my visa in hand, I can look forward to moving my life across the globe. 

In actual fact I’m not crazily excited about it, but please don’t read that as me not wanting to go. I remember my feelings of excitement and nerves when I moved and lived in Singapore. That time I had no nice orientation, or a pre-made group of friends. I was alone and had to find a way of living in a strange new place. This time on the other hand, I feel ready for the challenge of living in a new country. 

I’ve managed to build a close group of Kakao friends, some of which I’ve been talking to since the start of this blog. I can’t wait to meet those in person. On the flip side there are people that I probably won’t have a great deal in common. Obviously this may change, but there are some people who I just probably won’t get on with. I’m fine with that, I fully expect not to be friends with everyone at orientation, I think some people expect to be friends with everyone attending, and for me I think its impossible to do so. 

Anyway, what am I doing in the next few weeks? Well in about a week I’ll be going to Kuala lumpur for a holiday, and it’ll give me a chance to meet some dear friends. I am probably more excited about this than I am about Seoul. In the meantime I’ll be doing the mundane things that people need to do before moving abroad.